UAS Flying Schools for BNUC™ (Organisation Accreditation leaflet)

BNUC-S™ Qualifictions - see UAS Pilot & Crew Qualifications and the Flight School Guide giving basic information on setting up an Accredited Flight School

EuroUSC™ is the UK CAA Approved Organisation (DAI/9932/09) for assessing the ‘Airworthiness’ of Light Unmanned Aircraft Systems of 150Kg and below. The Light UAS Scheme™ (LUASS™) covers the Design, Construction (including functionality of embedded FCS software), Airworthiness, Operation, Pilot/Crew Qualifications and Exemption or Permission to Operate. In 2004 EuroUSC™ obtained the first approval in the UK for a light UAS to operate from a Civil Airport.

Please read the LUASS Guide™ for background information and Organisation Accreditation leaflet

The Basic National UAS Certificate (BNUC-S) - EuroUSC offers the only nationally approved CAA UAS specific Pilot/Crew Qualification for small UAS. The BNUC-S qualification for systems <20Kg consists of two parts: PART 1 - Ground School Examination (Training by EuroUSC or Approved Organisation) and PART 2 - Flight Test Examination (Training by Approved Flight Schools or Approved Manufacturer's Course).

The first EuroUSC Accredited Flight School, Phoenix UAV Centre, for the BNUC-S™ Pilot qualification (approved by the CAA) opened in November 2010 and covers conventional rotary wing aircraft candidates. The first Accredited Manufacturers course for fixed wing aircraft will be announced soon (subject to confidentiality).

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For information on setting up a Flying School please contact or download the Guide

For information on UAS Pilot & Crew Qualifications click link here.