Flight Crew Licensing - UAS Pilots and Crew Qualifications - Basic National UAS Certificate (BNUC™) - Form 10.

Please read the LUASS Guide™ for background information and Organisation Accreditation leaflet

See Section 1.4 below for course dates and venues covering the Basic National UAS Certificate - Small Unmanned Aircraft (BNUC-S). in order to secure your prefered dates please ensure you book at least 6 callendar weeks in advance.

See Section 1.5 below on how to book a Ground School Course and Examination or Flight Test Examination.

Download New qualificationSeptember 2013 edition BNUC-S Candidate Guide and BNUC-S™ Fees, Terms & Conditions and Form 10.

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EuroUSC™ is authorised by the UK CAA (DAI/9932/09) to assess the ‘Airworthiness’ of Light Unmanned Aircraft Systems of 150Kg and below. The Light UAS Scheme™ (LUASS™) covers the Design, Construction (including functionality of embedded FCS software), Airworthiness, Operation, Pilot/Crew Qualifications and Exemption or Permission to operate.

The generic Basic National UAS Certificate (BNUC) managed by EuroUSC is the nationally approved CAA UAS specific Pilot/Crew Qualification for small UAS - recreational qualifications are no longer appropriate or accepted.

There are two levels of the Basic National UAS Certificate:-

BNUC-S™ (Level 1) for Pilots and Crew of Light UAS <20 Kg (see Section 1 below) and

BNUC™ (Level 2) for Light UAS 20 - 150 Kg (see Section 2 below).

1. Basic National UAS Certificate - Small Unmanned Aircraft SUA (BNUC-S) <20 Kg

1.1 Introduction to BNUC-S (Level 1)

The BNUC-S™ introduced in April 2010 is aimed at the operation of aircraft below 20Kg.  Even relatively small aircraft in this category have sophisticated flight control systems and functions which the Pilot must master before they are able to fly the aircraft safely.  This is now the standard qualification accepted by the UK CAA for Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) and by the Insurance industry.

The BNUC-S™ is also applicable internationally in support of companies and National Authorities committed to the safe operation of unmanned aircraft. It provides a common basis for the acceptance of pilot competence in relation to the operation of UAS. The wider regulatory acceptance of the BNUC-S™ pilot qualification is the subject of continued work by EuroUSC™ with European National Authorities and through its work on various National and European committees dealing with aviation regulations.

The BNUC-S qualification for systems <20Kg consists of two parts:-

PART 1 - Ground School Examination (Level 1). A 2-day course is available which informs attendees of the requirements necessary to become an Operator and/or Pilot. The course also covers the syllabus required for the Part 1 Examination. The course is delivered by EuroUSC or by an Accredited Organisation. The aim of the BNUC-S™ Ground School Course is to assist potential UAS pilots and those staff involved in UAS operations, to reach the required level of knowledge and understanding to operate a light UAS in the environments that they are most likely to encounter. In the first instance most operations will be in the 500m/400' "bubble" using Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) principles, however provision is made in the course for a wider understanding of operations using Extended VLOS (EVLOS) and in segregated airspace.

PART 2 - Flight Test Examination (Level 1). The examination assesses the skills of the Candidate Pilot against the Operations Manual. Training is available from Accredited Flight Schools or Accredited Manufacturer's Course. Candidates must have passed Part 1 Ground School before taking Part 2.

Dates for examinations and courses are listed below in Section 7 below.

International acceptance of BNUC-S - EuroUSC™ currently offer the qualification to other CAAs for adoption within their own regulatory framework. Please contact Admin for further details or refer to www.eurousc.com.

1.2 Ratings available include:

  • Fixed Wing

  • Rotary

  • Lighter-than-air (LTA)

  • GCS Operation
  • Over Water Operation
  • Mountain Operation - pending

1.3 Accredited Flying Schools

For information on setting up or attending an Accredited Flight School see link or contact admin@eurousc.com

1.4 Basic National UAS Certificate - SUA (BNUC-S™ + BNUC™) 2-Day Course and Examination dates 2013:-

Tuition and Courses are currently held in Warwick however other venues will be considered depending on numbers. A copy of the Ground School Syllabus can be downloaded BNUC-S™ Candidate Guide and Accreditation leaflet


Dates and International Venues for BNUC-S™ and BNUC™ Part 1 Ground School Course & Examination and BNUC-S™ only PART 2 - Flight Test Examination - some dates are provisional. Please note the BNUC™ Part 2 Flight Test Examination is subject to special conditions.

Click flag to visit course dates:-


Important Note: In order to secure your preferred dates please ensure you book at least 2 calendar weeks in advance.

1.5 How to book Basic National UAS Certificate - SUA (BNUC-S™) - Important Note: In order to secure your preferred dates please ensure you book at least 2 calendar weeks in advance.

BNUC-S - Part 1 Ground School Course and Examination: Complete Form 10 - select the preferred Ground School Course date or Examination date and e-mail to LUASS Administration.

b. BNUC-S - Part 2 Flight test Examination: Complete the Flight Test Booking Form available by e-mail from LUASS Administration

For General Enquiries regarding BNUC-S phone: +44 (0) 20 8133 2651 OR +44 (0) 20 8133 2705 OR Skype name for free callsEUROUSC


2. Basic National UAS Certificate BNUC™ (Level 2) 20 - 150 Kg - see CAA website

The Basic National UAS Certificate (UAS 20 - 150 Kg) is set at a higher level and was introduced in 2008 as a generic course (Level 2) for light UAS pilots.  It covers specifically the issues related to operating larger UAS plus the wider aspects of operating light UAS in VLOS, EVLOS, BLOS and BRLOS scenarios .

The Basic National UAS Certificate (BNUC™) is in two parts and consists of:-

Part 1 - Ground School Examination Level 1 as per BNUC-S™ in section 2 above

Part 1 - Ground School Level 2. The Part 1, Level 1 examination must be passed prior to Level 2. Additional modules which are project related include understanding the Systems Documention and data required, planning UAS Test Flights and producing an extended Operations Manual. Candidates must register under the Light UAS Scheme (LUASS) using Fortm 1.

Part 2 - Flight Test Examination (Level 2) covering extended UAS operation.

Tuition and training are available to cover both Part 1 and Part 2 (provided by Accredited Flying Schools and other Accredited Organisations))

For General Enquiries regarding BNUC™ phone: +44 (0) 20 8133 2651 OR +44 (0) 20 8133 2705 OR Skype name for free callsEUROUSC