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Why do I need training?

The Civil Aviation Authority have recently announced that standards must be at least the equivalent of manned aviation. Flyby have been training pilots for over 5 years to the highest of standards. With every one of our instructors being trained by the Central Flying School, were are best placed to train you to the standards required. So our course is really the only one worth taking!

We’ll teach you to fly safely and within the rules keeping those around you safe and limiting risks for you and your clients.

We’ll be a powerful ally as you begin your career, mentoring you and on the end of the phone to help in any way we can.

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Drone Training

What’s involved in professional drone training we hear you ask?! The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) set out a syllabus that professional organisations teach their students in their own unique ways. Flyby Technology is our partner and teaches to a level that is unsurpassed in the industry. You’ll attend an online groundschool that will blow you away in terms of the quality of the teaching and information you’ll be given. Many students have been surprised at how much knowledge they gain over such a short period of time.

You’ll take a test to make sure it’s all sunk in and then go away and put what you’ve learnt in to practice. You won’t be able to wait to start flying! You will also, with our guidance, complete your own Operations Manual as part of the course requirements. Then you need to join us at one of our training locations across the UK for a few hours to take the Flight Skills Test, the final element of drone training.

It’s up to you how much time lapses between your groundschool and your flight skills test, just take the time you need to complete your Operations Manual and practice your flight skills.

Then you’ll be ready to apply for your A2CofC and GVC qualifications. There is a fee to pay the CAA on application. Then you’re off! Free to earn some money from your new found skills, safe in the knowledge that you are now part of the Flyby Family, with someone to call on if you ever need help and advice.

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Great value

Just £999 + VAT will get you qualified to operate a drone commercially.

Quality training

All the essentials delivered by top pilots, ensuring you become a safe and competent drone pilot.

Ongoing Support

You will become a member of the Flyby Family and have access to the elite team as mentors as you embark on your new career.